Due to modern technologies and equipment of high quality, polystyrene foamcan be shaped and cut in any complexity and dimensions, which allows to create a unique exterior of apartment buildings as well as industrial ones. So, decorative elements can be used for new buildings in the phase of construction and existing buildings in the process of reconstruction.Our company guarantees reconstruction of ideal replicas in bad condition or destroyed with time facade elements (while restoring). A wide range of production gives either stylish and at the same time classic style or chaste but not less attractive modern style.  We can also offer individual custom-made elements of any complexity.
     This particular technology perfectly answers the purposes of creating unique architectural designs and facade restorations. At the same time architectural composition receives the least distortions in comparison with other technologies.
     This technology is widely used together with systems of facade heat insulation (thin-coat plastering) which, in fact, is their continuation.
      To manufacture architectural elements, polystyrene foam of 35 kg/m3 density is used. Our products undergo obligatory reinforcement with high-quality glue mixtures and also with specific acrylic and alkali-resistant fibreglass mesh which adds extra durability.  Such a coating protects polystyrene foam from ultraviolet radiation and climatic changes and serves as a basis for fine finish (painting) and application of decorative plaster layer. Dimensions and complexity are not limited.

       We can offer wide range of either finished goods or individually designed elements.


The results of the Company “Project-Engineering” activity relies on:

  • progressive technological decisions;
  • progressive ideas assessment and personnel services;
  • personnel training;
  • mutual understanding and trust.

     “Project– Engineering” company develops formulas of high-quality acrylic and mineral mixtures for coating of reinforced polystyrene foam facade decor elements. All components are manufactured industrially by experienced people in compliance with well-tested technologies. Due to this fact we can provide our customers with any quantity of production both with acrylic coating and with less expensive mineral coating in the shortest time.

      Being the manufacture of the described product, “Project– Engineering” company guarantees high operating abilities (coating quality, weather resistance, operating life, etc). Quality of the manufacture processes is under constant supervision and control at the enterprise. Taking into account the fact that production quality depends on raw product quality, we buy only tested raw material from leading world producers. The quality is controlled not only in the production process but also at different stages on the way to final consumer.

      «FaberDecor» has entered the market seriously and for a long time. We value our reputation, therefore we pay maximum attention to the quality.

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