1. How to differentiate décor element with mineral coating from the one with acrylic?

      The difference is practically invisible except the acrylic coating is more smooth and mineral coating is rough. It is easier to check it by touching or destroying. If you snap off a piece of coating and making considerable efforts, try to grind it then cheaper coating will “crumble to sand” while acrylic coating will fall to pieces. Owing to acrylic resin which adds stability and elasticity such coating is resistant to abrasion (with sandpaper). We advise just in this way to demonstrate high service properties of acrylic coating.

2. Do we guarantee the production quality?

      As a manufacturer we guarantee high service properties of our production (coating quality, weather resistance, service durability). We give a year warranty (four seasons) which extends only to the elements but not to the mounting quantity. The warranty package can be detailed in the agreement at the customer’s option.

3. Do the price and production terms of stock-produced items differ from those of exclusive ones?

      We are happy to inform you that we do not extra charge for custom designs. The price for exclusive products is calculated in the same way as for stock-produced items. Slight price increase (or decrease) depends only on the amount of used material.

      As for exclusive orders the terms of their production are longer.

      Extra time is necessary for reprogramming the equipment and preparation of the documents (1-2 days).

4. How are the final products delivered?

      Delivery within Ukraine can be made by any hauler which you trust. The payment is due at hauler’s price at your expense.