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    More than 10 years in the Ukrainian market!

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    Production quality and advanced technology!

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    A wide range of products .

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Facade architectural elements FaberDecor

     The Company "Project - Engineering" has been offering its views on the modern architectural solutions of building facades design by using light architectural elements under "FaberDecor" trade mark at the Ukrainian market for more than 10 years.  Read more...


Relaxation and heating beds FaberSPA     

     Manufacturing of relaxation and heating beds under a "FaberSРА" trade mark became a new line of activity of Open Company "Project-engineering". New production was immediately estimated by fans of Turkish baths, spa-salons, saunas, healing centers, etc.   


     TM "FaberDecor" offers production of three-dimensional shapes, layouts, logos, decorations, molds, advertising signs, holiday decorations, etc.